The benefits of opening an account with Radio Cars

After 40 years providing taxi services we believe we understand your needs and are committed to answering them with the most comprehensive and professional service available anywhere in the U.K. Our list of account clients ranges from the very smallest to the largest of businesses, who benefit from a superior, cost-effective and controlled, quality service.

Radio Cars Manchester understands that cost, flexibility and accountability are of paramount importance to organisations and have both the necessary systems in place and the flexibility to provide you with the most cost-effective taxi service available.

Monthly Invoices

You don't need to give cash to your clients or staff. We will conveniently bill you within 30 days. Our clear monthly invoice gives you complete control with as much detail as you need and can include supplementary information: cost centres, code numbers, time of day or any other classification. A statement summary can also analyse individual usage for your monitoring.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the information required in order to reduce wastage and keep cost to a minimum.


Our System can be configured to hold the names of every person within your organisation authorised to use our taxis and can also include any restrictions that you wish to place; for instance journeys may only be allowed between certain locations or at certain times of the day. You have complete control over the usage of the account.

Open an account now

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